Publisher Redesign

In an effort to revamp the entire Publisher platform, my team helped redesign the website in order to unify our brand across platforms, improve speed and performance, and increase customer engagement. We explored various ways to display complex data, such as key performance indicators (KPIs) - Viewability, Ad Fraud, Brand Safety and other metrics, using a combination of data tables and visualizations. I also helped design Custom Report builder and management platform, an extremely powerful tool where users are able to schedule an automatically generated report, where they can pick the exact metrics and dimensions that they care about, and choose how they are displayed.

My Role

Setup Migration

My team was tasked to migrate the existing setup pages from our older platform onto our newer platform. The setup pages are primarily used by our internal Client Services team, and are essentially CRUD interfaces to manage teams/users, build tags, and set up campaigns in our system. In addition to giving the pages a visual refresh, I also tackled usability problems that were considered low-hanging fruit. After speaking to the Client Services team, I was able to identify various pain points and areas for improvement in the setup pages that would save them multiple hours of manual work each day.

I also led the UX efforts for creating a feature flags management page from ideation to design. Feature flags give development teams the ability to turn features on/off by setting up user targeting rules. By separating code deployment from feature releases, engineering can continuously deploy code and avoid messy merge branches, while product can safety roll out features to beta clients to test in production.

My Role